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Dancing in the Light of my Purpose

How I turned my Passion and Profession into a Life Well Lived and You can Too!

You’ve probably heard the expression “Living my best life” about a million times, right? While I will agree that the term has been overused in the past few years, this phrase really sums up all the areas of my life. I have the privilege to live out my dreams as a Tax professional expert, entrepreneur, author and speaker. I am able to travel, do what I love, make money and help others in the process.  I genuinely believe that we all are competent and capable of achieving our goals.

Check out my top three mantras to living a purpose-filled life:

Operate in the Spirit of Excellence In 1997, I decided to take the proverbial leap into entrepreneurship by opening a sole proprietor accounting business. Three years later, I decided to expand my portfolio by starting my own MLM business. The days were extremely long, but the rewards were awesome. Sure, my inbox was filled to capacity. Sure, I had back-to-back meetings, worked 80+ hours a week. And yes, I was tired, really tired, but I always gave 100% to both of my businesses. I was committed to producing excellent work for my clients, which awarded me return business and referrals that increased my revenue profits.  Today my accounting firm has grown to an S-Corp, and my MLM team has tripled in size.

Be the Kind of Boss You Would Want to Have Successful entrepreneurs are influential leaders who make sure their team succeeds. I am fortunate that my MLM team is compiled of hardworking, driven individuals. It is my duty as their leader to provide guidance and mentorship, so they are set up for a trajectory of success. Living a purpose-filled life requires dedication and cannot be copied and pasted.  I choose to live a happy, healthy and wholesome life and the fruit of my work is evident in my businesses and team.

Write. Plan. Execute If someone would’ve asked me 20 years ago if I saw myself branching out my accounting business and living in the Dominican Republic I would’ve said absolutely! From day one of starting my accounting firm, I knew two things. One, I wanted to be able to serve my clients without feeling confined to an office. Two, I wanted to live somewhere tropical. By working hard and selecting the best and the brightest employees, I am able to live my dream. By doing the work and delaying gratification, I am able to operate my businesses remotely. I was even able to pen a fiction novel “Kept Woman,” and establish an independent publishing house to assist other aspiring authors.

Bottom Line Living a passionate, purpose-filled life takes sincere soul-searching and confidence to believe that your personal and professional goals are possible. Once you write your plan of action, you must commit to live by your own mission and vision. Do the work and reap the rewards.