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Build a Relationship and Business will Grow

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

A few months back, I received a call from a potential client. She had recently purchased a coffee farm and required an Accountant. After our initial clarity call, I was intrigued to know more about her business and her goals for her business. We scheduled a time to meet again later in the week; this time on the actual farm. 

As my client gave me a tour around the property, my Accounting wheels began to turn. I could see how this type of farmland was a mixture of all the great things real estate had to offer, and I was ready to help my client receive proactive, actionable advice that could exceed her business goals.

Side note: One of the reasons I have so many long-term clients is because I not only get to know my clients, but I also get to understand their business and why they’re excited to get out of bed each day to pursue their endeavor. Here are 3 traits you should consider when identifying an Accountant.

1. A Friendly Professional

Most Accountants are not looking for a  one-time service. Instead, they want to establish an ongoing relationship. Accountants can also help with monthly and yearly business accounting services and paying quarterly taxes. If you are audited, you can rely on your Accountant to represent you and your interests.

2. A CPA who is Up-to-Date on Accounting Best Practices

Your Accountant should know the best ways to establish your bookkeeping and accounting needs. You should feel confident that your Accountant will create the proper controls and procedures for managing your revenue streams. Additionally, they should also be able to develop the types of reports that will enable you to know exactly where you are financially.

3. A professional and experienced Accountant can help your business operate in the most tax efficient way possible. I feel confident in saying that no one wants to give the government any extra hard-earned dollars than is required.  Without proper guidance and counsel of a competent Accountant, you could pay significantly more in taxes than was required by law, simply out of a lack of knowledge. 

As a business owner, you should be seeking the very best service to suit your needs and budget, and that may not come from a local business. Thanks to technology, companies can meet with clients who are hundreds or thousands of miles away and still easily meet their needs. If you are seeking a virtual Accountant, contact Essential Accounting Consultants.