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Don’t Freak Out: Business & Audits

Hey, so you know how to grow your business, land and keep clients, crank out quality products without a problem, but managing the company’s finances are another story. Really, who wants to balance spreadsheets, fill out quarterly tax forms, keep track of paperwork for independent contractors and file annual returns when there are customers to serve and money to make? 

Many business owners like yourself, absolutely loathe managing their accounting books, and then an unexpected audit happens. Audits help businesses identify problems, gauge performance and keep all aspects of the business in line with budget goals, strategies, and future initiatives.

Facing Facts Ultimately, you have two options to keep your business finances in order:

Make time each month to review your business financials and eliminate stress and confusion at the end-of-year cleanup. Hire an experienced bookkeeper that will maintain your business finances on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

Hire a Professional A savvy business owner like yourself should hire a trustworthy professional to handle your bookkeeping and tax responsibilities. An experienced accountant can save you time and money.

The Bottom Line Waiting until tax season to organize your receipts is a sign of poor recording keeping.  It lacks the essential monitoring of cash flow within your business.

We Can Help If you’re ready to get a handle on your financial record keeping contact EAC today for a consultation.