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How I changed my Business by Transforming my Mind

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

Have you ever had an eye-opening experience and then afterward your life changed for the better?  I had the experience of my life that changed me.  Recently I visited a Paez Indian Territory high up in the mountains of Colombia, South America.  Boyyyy do these people have life figured out.  The inner peace that they have is invaluable.  I took a pilgrimage up the mountain of Nevada de Huila.  I was not prepared for what was in store.  My husband said, “Let's go up this mountain with a medicine man to be healed. The land is a sacred Paez Indian Territory and this will be a great experience.”  I said, “Ok, let's go.”

Ok, get ready for this…I had a 1-hour plane ride, 1.5 hours into the town to start the mountain climb by car (stayed the night at a bed & breakfast), the next day 2.5 more hours by car up the mountain to a cabin to leave the car and begin the walk, another 2.5 hour walk up the mountain to a cabin for food, then to the sacred lagoon for an Indian ritual.  I know my Native American ancestors were proud of me this day.  My great grandmother used to practice her Native American traditions and I wish I would have paid more attention but I was too young. Our medicine man performed a ritual of over an hour. The Lagoon water was crashing against the rocks but once the ritual began the water was very calm. This Sacred Lagoon is almost 18,000 feet up the mountain.

The 2.5-hour hike back to the car was brutal but I became anew in that ritual. Kind of how you feel after an intense yoga class.  In no way was I up for the hike, not sure where my strength came from but I did stop to catch my breath several times.  We then took another 5-hour journey to the part of the mountain where we were staying. I fell on my knees but I got back up. I fell on my backside but I got back up. I took this hike with my husband, a medicine man and 4 friends. We climbed this mountain TOGETHER!!! Giving each other strength.  This was in no way easy.  As I look back on it I have no idea whatsoever how I did it. But I didn't do it alone.

Now how did this experience change my business?  It opened my eyes to what matters most.  It forced me to think about slowing down and acquiring a team.  A truly successful person has a team. Slow down, take it all in.  It's more to life than working from sun up to sun down.  If each person on your team has their duties, no one person will have too much on them.

When you have a positive energy experience like this, you are a better business owner.  A better person.  The better you are the better you serve your clients. Things that were not clear before are now clear. You are a better leader!

I leave you with this quote from Steve Jobs, "Great things in business are never done by any one person. They're done by a team of people."