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Virtual Accounting: Why Working Remotely Makes Sense

It is amazing how preparation and timing can create amazing opportunities. I'm writing this blog from my home office overlooking beautiful Dominican Republic views. I often receive emails from clients and peers asking me why I chose to make a large portion of my business operate in the virtual space. The short version of my response was simple "I knew that my accounting business would be aided by technology and would allow me to have a true “work-life balance” without losing quality in my services. 

Why I love working remotely with clients

Most business professionals need little convincing that working with a virtual accountant has huge benefits, such as:

Convenience–Virtual Accountants are able to work on client's books anytime, anywhere.

Save time and expenses–Owners are able to invest more back into their business without shelling out extra expenses to meet me at a brick and mortar location. Additionally, virtual accountants can act as consultants and advise clients about growth strategies.

Maximize your billable capacity–Time savings allow businesses to serve more customers.

Work-life balance–Business owners are able to split their time and energy between their work needs and other important aspects of their life (family, friends, community participation, spirituality, personal growth, self-care, and other personal activities).

What are the challenges? As with any situation, providing virtual accounting services has challenges, but these are beginning to dwindle due to improvements in technology and clients trust of online productivity methods. There will always be a learning curve and adjustments will need to occur. But the rewards are well worth it and staying up-to-date on new ways to work with clients via the Internet also positions you as a true professional and may even allow you to raise your fees. Even though accounting services operate remotely, all professional virtual accounting agencies will have systems and processes set in place to insure each aspect of your business meets or exceeds expectations. 

How to do It In my own business, I have been working with clients 90% virtually since 2004. Several years ago, that meant I had to use remote connection options. In the last couple of years, my clients are working more and more with online bookkeeping programs. (I support QuickBooks Online, Xero, Wave Accounting and FreshBooks).


Bottom line: Virtual Accounting brings a wealth of expertise to clients in a wide range of sectors in an affordable and convenient way.