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The Excellence Award winning team at Essential Accounting Consultants keeps up-to-date on new tax laws and legislation. We identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both current and future tax liabilities. We provide taxation expertise to our clients throughout the year,  as well as tax crisis resolution and crisis management as needed to all prospective and current clientele.

Our services incorporate all of the following:


Actors | Actresses  | Entertainers | Celebrity  Professionals | Executives | Ministries | Churches | Individuals | Corporations | Partnerships | 

LLCs/LLPs | Non-profits | Estates & Trusts 

We provide practical solutions for maximizing your company’s cost-effectiveness and productivity.


We provide financial reporting in the following areas:

  • Audit: An exhaustive examination with the highest level of assurance.

  • Evaluation: An analytical procedure conducted which compiles financial data that produces feedback and outcomes.

Well-organized financial record keeping ensures that your daily business or non-profit and/or ministry operations run efficiently.  We will assist you with the day-to-day tasks associated with bookkeeping.

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We provide expert administrative business structuring advice. We provide comprehensive administrative business services. 

We provide comprehensive payroll services and administrative oversight of your business's, non-profits', or ministries' payroll.

We take away the anxiety and hassle of tax preparations for Americans living abroad. We are a trusted and highly regarded firm also specializing in expatriate tax consulting and preparation for US expats and green card holders.

All-inclusive tax advice is provided. It offers proactive, thorough and compliant tax reduction strategies for our clients to enhance tax efficiency. The biggest opportunity for tax savings is in the tax planning stage. It’s equivalent to using a Global Positioning System (GPS) in order to determine the best path for your tax journey.

We provide a tax preparation services to our clients, primarily via a virtual platform, where you upload your documents to our secure client portal. We take our time to ensure that we've exhausted all possibilities for tax savings for you, so that your tax liability is reduced as little and legally as possible.

As tax crisis managers and strong negotiating tax experts, our goal is not only to achieve tax debt relief and tax debt settlement at the lowest amount legally allowed, or a payment schedule that least disrupts your economic life, but also to reduce your stress and concerns by having us deal and speak directly with the federal and state income tax agencies on your behalf.